Stefan Veselka


Symphony Orchestra of Münster


“The Symphony Orchestra of Münster under the baton of Stefan Veselka played the unknown pieces of the first part in a sensationally colorful manner and hammered the old Stravinsky-shocker [Sacre du Printemps] out of the pit, making a decisive contribution to this great evening. An extraordinary evening!”




Opera Dijon


Everything is there: admirable strings, silky shimmering, nervous, with beautiful phrasing; the woodwind colorful; the brass clear, loose and shining; all with exemplary vitality led by Stefan Veselka. Accurate, clear, and attentive in everything, Veselka inspires extraordinary energy from his orchestra, as well as elegiac poetry, when the music requires it." [Dvorak Symphony No. 8]





Limburg Symphony


“Stefan Veselka conducted the Limburg Symphony, in excellent form, with spirited tempos which never became rushed." [Donizetti La Fille du Régiment]



Bremerhaven Philharmonic Orchestra

Pictures at an Exhibition was played with enthusiasm under Stefan Veselka – Veselka presented the colors of Maurice Ravel’s orchestration as a picture book.”




Symphony Orchestra of Münster


“… then, with Beethoven’s not so often heard 2nd Symphony, the return to the old masters in the German Orchestral seating. Contrastingly and analytically, Veselka throws an unusual light on the dramaturgy of the work with his rhythmically and melodically sharpened interpretation, which is also dynamically varied within the orchestral groups. A wonderful Beethoven interpretation, which cannot be heard every day!”



International Theatre and Music Festival Leoš Janácek, Brno


“Partner to Harry Kupfer at the Janácek Festival 2012 was the conductor Stefan Veselka. He has the score deep under his skin; he can slow down, stop, feel the right dramatic pauses and find the right colors in the music. Veselka has an amazing way of accompanying the singers on stage!" [Janácek Katja Kabanova]



Prokofiev CD Review (various piano works)


“Veselka has just the right amount of warmth and expressiveness. This is a fine example of how Prokofiev should be played.”