Raymond Leppard


Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


“Leppard conducted luminous performances of Symphony No. 8 in F major and Symphony No. 9 in D minor … He's not one to over-interpret music, either verbally or in concert. And this work, on which every superlative has been lavished, came out powerful, elegant and never given to hyperbole.”




Louisville Orchestra


“Above all [Leppard] is a craftsman of performances: fastidious but not fussy; innate, intuitive and utterly tasteful.”



Chicago Opera Theater


“The veteran Baroque and Classical specialist Raymond Leppard presided from the harpsichord and celesta, weaving in his own stylish ornamentation, drawing crisply engaged playing from the orchestra of period and modern instruments and fine singing from the chorus.”




Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


“… it’s rare when virtually an entire audience stands immediately. That happened twice at this concert: as Leppard walked on stage, and again after the final piece, which garnered several curtain calls.”




Kansas City Symphony


“Under the precise direction of guest conductor Raymond Leppard, the music reflected the character of the English populace – refined and polished …”




Colorado Symphony Orchestra


“Not only does the veteran English-born conductor boast superb international credentials, he also has more than a little affinity for the evening's music … Putting his well-honed skills to excellent use, Leppard ended the evening with a sparkling version of Felix Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Op. 56, "Scottish."