Antti Siirala


Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra


“The abundance of musicality and depth of interpretation beyond technical flawlessness is so great, so carefully considered and intrinsically tied to the work, so intense and without flashy showmanship, that we can assume that this is not one of those many comets on the piano firmament that light up only to quickly disappear into oblivion.”




Detroit Symphony


“Siirala's elegantly proportioned account of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 27 calmed the waters, as the pianist whispered autumnal secrets with a pearly tone of delicate firmness and a liquid phrasing that managed to convey languid beauty and clarified poetry.”




Sarasota Orchestra


“The technical challenges of [Frederic Chopin’s first piano concerto] — written, after all, as a showcase for one of history’s most virtuosic pianists and intensely productive composers — are formidable.  However, nothing seemed to faze Siirala, who sailed through the elaborate texture with nonchalant skill.  The concerto is not profound, but it incorporates passages of both reflective melancholy and energetic dance.  Balance between piano and orchestra … was exemplary.





Belgium National Orchestra


"Siirala gave a fresh, poetic, and spontaneous performance... This is a young artist of uncommon promise whom I hope to hear again soon."

THE BULLETIN  (Brussels)



New York recital


“Mr. Siirala certainly has the technical range to do whatever he wants… Every one of the pieces ended on a quiet note – until the last one he performed, Les Adieux, which had him pull out all the stops. It was an eminently satisfying conclusion …” 




Seattle recital

“Siirala captured the organic beauty of Saariaho's Ballad… From Saariaho, the pianist transitioned beautifully, without interruption, to four works for piano by Jean Sibelius… [His] performance [of Finlandia] was dramatic, capturing the struggle and triumph of the Finns against the Russians… Tuesday's program accentuated Siirala’s ability to explain sometimes abstract musical material with uncompromising technique and a keen appreciation of beauty, emotion and interpretation.”