Vladimir Kulenovic


Lake Forest Symphony


"The Lake Forest Symphony clearly has a good thing going with Kulenovic ... In addition to his amiable verbal program notes, the tall, charismatic conductor drew idiomatic, responsive and strikingly lustrous playing from the Lake Forest strings throughout the evening."




Baltimore Symphony


"Kulenovic allowed for a very spacious phrasing at the start, creating extra sonic poetry in the process, and he had the stormier portions of the work fired up nicely ... the overall performance was decidedly classy."




South Bend Symphony Orchestra


"Kulenovic seized every bit of positiveness in a symphony that usually gets played with a more doleful mood. Even in the grim final movement, Kulenovic tried to celebrate Tchaikovsky's generous humanity rather than his bleak discouragement. Only in the final couple of minutes did Kulenovic permit the gloom to set in completely, virtually staring into the abyss and achieving oblivion in the final bars ... a show that included some of the SBSO's finest playing of the season." [Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6]




Utah Symphony Chamber Orchestra


“[Kulenovic] captured the work’s vibrancy, rhythmic vitality and lyricism. It was well crafted and executed …They played with expression and feeling and brought this piece to life.  It was a fresh and invigorating account of one of Copland’s best scores."  [Copland Appalachian Spring]




Lake Forest Symphony


"[Kulenovic] cuts a fine figure on the podium, trim and confident, precise, even elegant in his style. But his precision gave way to passion in this multi-layered music [Stravinsky's Firebird], with its delicate opening, tempestuous flourishes and its powerful central theme ..."





Belgrade Philharmonic


"Spearheading this exhilarating collection of concert triumphs, Vladimir Kulenovic demonstrated briskness of his imagination, the gift of immediate accurate immersion into each of the pieces the ability to inhale the delicate measure of each composer's distinctive self."